Thursday, October 20, 2011

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Design: Cardi Black Box - Endless – Ross Lovegrove. Ross Lovegrove’s Endless exhibition at Cardi Black Box presented the internationally recognized designer’s search that demonstrates how the borderline between visual arts and design is becoming diminished even though the pieces accomplish a specific function, the exhibited projects were charged with an intense emotional value and a specific oneiric force; the works in Endless are sculptures suspended in physical but temporal space.  Ross Lovegrove shows objects whose sinuous outlines are the result of a process of anatomical reduction derived from evolutionary forces beyond design.

Nicolo Cardi and Ross Lovegrove

Yoox's Christine Lee and Federico Marchetti

Designer Franco Raggi

Kartell's Claudi Luti and Miska Lovegrove

P.R. Paola Manfredi

Designer Aldo Cibic and social arbiter Cesare Cunaccia

Endless – Ross Lovegrove. Liquid shelving, above, is produced with fresh and polished aircraft grade aluminum, the material seems to spontaneously mold around the lines which define their silhouette:  the sinuous and organic forms are typical of Lovegrove’s language and are also inflected in the Endless exhibition in a series of tables in which aluminum seems to harmoniously subdue to the author’s dream.
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