Monday, September 12, 2011

Venice: A book of poems by Andrea Zanzotto illustrated by Joe Tilson

Venice: Il Vero Tema – a book of nine poems by Andrea Zanzotto, illustrated by Joe Tilson.  In the spectacular setting of the vestibule of the Libreria Sanoviniana of the Marciana Library, in Piazza San Marco, l’Associazione Cento Amici del Libro (the association one hundred friends of the book) presented their special 2011 edition, a book of poems, Il Vero Tema (The True Theme) by Andrea Zanzotto illustrated by the well-known British artist Joe Tilson. Zanzotto who celebrates his ninetieth birthday this year is widely considered Italy’s most influential poet. The book is presented in a beautiful box designed by Joe Tilson, the multiple which comes in one hundred and thirty copies is signed by both the poet and the artist themselves.

Venice: Il Vero Tema. One of the four acquatint etchings by Joe Tilson in the book which sit side by side with Zanzotto’s unpublished poems.

Venice: Il Vero Tema. As the poet was unable to attend, the president of l’Associazione Cento Amici del Libro, Paolo Tirelli hands over the poet’s copy of the Multiple book to Zanzotto’s grandson, who bares the his name, Andrea Zanzotto, as Joe Tilson and his grandmother Marisa look on.

Venice: Il Vero Tema. Art critic and author, Sandro Parmiggiani and British artist, Joe Tilson.

Venice: Il Vero Tema.  Artist, writer, curator and poet, Jacopo Ricciardi read some of Andrea Zanzotto’s poems from the book.

Venice: Il Vero Tema. Jos Tilson and critic Enzo di Martino.

  Venice: Il Vero Tema. Artist photographer, Agne Raceviciute.

  Venice: Il Vero Tema.  The handsome box, a multiple of one hundred and thirty pieces signed by both the artist Joe Tilson and the poet Andrea Zanzotto.
More information: for more information about the book contact:Cento Amici Del Libro - - tel: + 39 02 72002220.


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