Friday, July 08, 2011

Venice Biennale: Artists and their works seen around town.

Venice Biennale: Artists and their works seen around town. 

Palazzo Malipiero: Patrick Mimran – After: The Image of the Sky as Mental landscape. Patrick Mimran presents at Palazzo Malipiero, After: The Image of the Sky as Mental landscape until November 27.   Photographs offering a curious stock: skys sometimes heavy, or light, wobbly cloudy … perspectives of blue.  In Mimran’s art sense seems to recoil beneath the boundary of visible, behind the surface.
Above: Patrick Mimran is photographed with After in Switzerland.  As the art historian Paul Ardenne writes “The question being “after what?”   What has happened? A storm, a catastrophe, simple, ordinary moments that we have not noticed?  Each image here indexes a little bit of temporality, through weather and the appearance in the sky.  But that is all we will ever know.  Might the instantaneous be fusing with eternity here?  Patrick Mimran leaves us with our questions, while our gaze is absorbed by his magnificent compositions, pulling our earthbound selves towards something transcendent, superhuman, divine.”

The Merchant of Venice: Caroline Bouguereau – L’Homme Plante. Caroline Bouguereau’s L’Homme Plante drawings and ceramic sculptures are being shown for the first time in the new gallery, The Merchant of Venice in Campo Sant’ Angelo. The artist is seeking for an eremitic anatomy  on the border between medicine and science, her art, since her earliest projects, has been inspired by natural curiosities, by the organic world or more generally by biological forms.   She often explores microscopic details because they constitute a world unknown to the human eye. 

The pretty canapés. Caroline Bouguereau’s pretty goat cheese and edible pansy flower bites made for the opening.

Venice Design Art Gallery – Roger Selden.   American born, Milanese based painter Roger Selden is showing his paintings, until September, at The Venice Design Art Gallery. “Certain of Selden's works are puzzling and hermetic in their imagery and organization, while others can be understood as quickly as a blinking light at a train crossing. Certain works are crowded with ideas and gestures while others are as clean and elegant as a commercial designer's sketch.” Peter Frank.

Ca Pesaro Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna: Anita Sieff – Il Mandala di Psyche, 2011. In room 10 at Ca Pesaro is Anita Sieff’s audio-video installation called Psyche, until August 21.   Cupid and Psyche’s myth is the key to explore what we sense: audio -video installation by Anita Sieff plays both on the apparent hegemony of seeing, and the dimension of synchronism of inner psychic state with outer physical state.

Anita Sieff

Signum Foundation - Palazzo Dona: Particolare.  As part of the group exhibition organized by the Signum Foundation in Palazzo Dona, called Particolare, until November 26 is Gioia Meller Marcovicz’s model for The Powwow Democratic Sculpture Table for 12, 2011

Gioia Meller Marcovicz 

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