Sunday, May 15, 2011


Seen in SoHo. W Magazine's editor in chief, Stefano Tonchi.

Seen in SoHo. Paper Magazine's founder and editor in chief Kim Hastreiter and Ibs Burnough.

Seen at Moss.   Marcel Wanders.

Seen at Cappellini. Giulio Cappellini and Case da Abitare's editor in chief Francesca Taroni.

 Seen at Cappellini. Dror Benshetrit.

Seen at Cappellini. Dror's Tron chair.

Seen at Moroso. Aissa Dione, Aida Duplessis, Li Edelkoort, Dominique Fallecker and Patrizia Moroso.

Seen at Moroso. Sam Baron and Catarina  Carreiras.

Seen at Moroso. Alberto Zontone and Patricia Urquiola.

Seen at Moroso.  Brunno Jahara and Harry Allen.

Seen at Ingo Maurer. Ingo Maurer.

 Seen at Ingo Maurer. A detail of the Biotope Lamp.

Seen at Moss.   Murray Moss and Piero Gandini.

Seen at Moss.  Domestic Fossil (TV) 2009 one of five unique pieces by Massimiliano Adami.

Seen at Moss. Franklin Getchell.

Seen at Moss. Kiki van Eijk and her Grandmother Clock, 2010  produced in a limited edition of three signed pieces.

Seen at Moss. Kiki van Eijk's Clock series.

Seen at Boffi at BY New York.   Piero Lissoni.

Seen at Boffi at BY New York. A detail of Lissoni's jacket" I had it made from the tailor just around the corner from my office." he said.

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