Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Ralph Pucci.  Ralph Pucci International celebrated ICFF with the introduction of new collections by Eric Schmitt and Jerome Abel Seguin, photography by Antione Bootz and for the first time Dana Barnes Collections for Pucci.  The reception was hosted together with Architectural Digest.
Penthouse: above. A stunning view of the gallery with furniture by; India Mahdavi, lights by David Weeks, stools by Paul Mathieu and vases by Lianne Gold.

 The hostess.   Margaret Russell editor-in-chief of Architectural Digest and photographer Antione Bootz.

  Gallery Nine:  One of the photographs from Auras series by Antione Bootz.

 The host.  Ralph Pucci and artist Peter Rittmaster. 

Gallery Nine. Jerome Abel Seguin introduced Revival his first collection for Ralph Pucci in seven years. Mr. Seguin has the ability to communicate with wood. This new nine-piece collection has been created from huge mahogany trees cut down in central Java in the early 20th century, whose excavating process is a slow archeological process.

Gallery Nine. Found near rivers and small rice fields, they are carefully dug out by local teams with great care and attention to keep them ‘untouched’, with the stones the trees have keep ‘imprisoned’ during the tree’s life.  They are then transported to Seguin’s workshop in Bali where he lives with the woods, for months, until a vision helps him bring the wood back to a new life, a revival.

Gallery Nine. Dana Barnes’s  Unspun: Tangled and Fused” is her new body of work for Ralph Pucci, exploring the textile and the textural, the knotting and netting of raw fibers.  

Dana Barnes - Pulling from ancient techniques, such as basket coiling, rug braiding, crocheting, knotting, needlepoint and cross-stitching, the work is imbued with the natural imperfections of raw materials and handmade objects, and the playful simplicity of camp craft projects that belie the complexities of their construction.       

Dana Barnes - The end result of this collection of floor coverings and wall hangings is a refinement of simplicity that shows the beauty of things in their most natural states, and lends calm to the space they occupy.

Dana Barnes – a detail of a wall hanging treatment.

Penthouse.  The India Mahdavi ceramic Bishop stools and a chandelier by Paul Mathieu.

Penthouse.  Eric  Schmitt  presents his second collection for Pucci, On the Rocks. Schmitt worked on organic, round or block shapes that give a feeling of softness and sensuality.  The pieces are very different and there is no real theme but rather a feeling of quiet strength that makes no compromise.  The collection is a mix of materials from the past (bronze, cast iron, bohemian mouth blown glass, marble) and modern materials like Corian or anodized aluminum.  The materials never merge into one another but emphasize each other, and you can feel the ‘hand’ on even the most modern of them.

Penthouse.  Eric Schmitt’s collection includes tables of various sizes, a console and bohemian glass blown vases like these Bar vases.

Penthouse. The background mural, a huge 14 x 16 foot mural that serves as backdrop for the collection, features Atelier Eric Schmitt along with his staff, in 3 dimensional  with 3D glasses supplied for viewing.

Penhouse.  Bergdorf Goodman’s and member of the ICFF advisory board, Linda Fargo.



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