Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Milano: Furniture Fair 2011 - Linde Hermans

Linde Hermans. Linde Hermans started her own design studio in 1999.  Besides divergent assignments for companies and organizations she produces objects for her own label Rode Schoentjes.  Her work shows a strong affinity to an artisan type of working, but characterizes the industrial and always functional realization.  She uses recognizable images, symbols and stories, with a playful touch, and aims at a ‘readable’ result for the user.  Her work both as a designer and artist is multi-faceted, showing the influence of her children through the use of humor, and the contemplation of her identity as a woman through more conceptual pieces.

Linde Hermans - Flying Carpet.  The Flying Carpet design is based on the structure of a paper plane.  Quick Start Guidelines: 1. Go to the center of the carpet, look to the front. 2. Sit down and cross your legs. 3. Touch the carpet with both hands.  4. Close your eyes and hold tight.  5. Use your imagination and fly away – to destinations unknown.



Linde Hermans – Bonne Bavette.   Bonne Bavette is a high-class “lobster” bib; it is a combination of a typical kitchen towel attached to a classical white stiff collar, because, also, dignified eaters do not smudge. On the bib sits a Spelbord and a Just in Case embroidered hanky useful if… 1. Just in case the story has a bad ending 2. Just in case you need to remember something. 3. Just in case you want to make peace. Or 4. Just in case… 

 Sinswiffer.  Brushes to clean your feet and your heart.

Linde Hermans – Little Red Dancing Shoes.
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