Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Milano: Furniture Fair 2011 - Milano Cina Exhibition

Fabbrica del vapore: Galleria Via Farini – Milano Cina Exhibition. Milano Cina exhibition (until May 7th) at the Galleria Via farini in the Fabbrica del Vapore complex, is an attempt to establish a contact between Milanese and Chinese cultures that co-exist in the area surrounding Via Sarpi which represent a relevant settlement of the Chinese community in Italy. They now share the same urban space, but rarely have the chance to collaborate, often acting on parallel planes without communicating with each other.   Un’Esperienza di Design, a project of window dressing which involved via Paolo Sarpi during previous editions of the Salone del Mobile, was curated by do-knit-yourself in collaboration with NABA, Academy of Fine Arts – Fashion and Design departments, and coordinated by Nicoletta Morozzi and Italo Rota.


The cake is made to order from the Fa Ji Food Store and the tiara which lights up at night is from Oriente Store.

Balls of Filtoppa cotton yarn is from Paolo Sarpi 27.

The knitted bottle “warmers” where displayed in the windows of Vineria Cantine Isola.

Co-coordinater of the exhibition Milano Cina with Italo Rota, Nicoletta Morozzi, is the Fashion Director of NABA.
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