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Bologna: People and Art - Arte Fiera weekend

Bologna Fiera: Arte Fiera Art First. One of the first international modern and contemporary art fairs organized in Italy in the 1970s, Arte Fiera has gradually become Italy’s largest and most important art fair.   Every year, this must-see event is the first exhibition devoted to modern and contemporary art, and attracts gallery owners, collectors, curators, artists, and art lovers from Italy and around the world. 
Above: Patrick Mimran, Don’t Feel Stupid…, 2011, textpainting on canvas with certificate in acrylic. Galerie Dorothea Van Der Koelen.

Galerie Dorothea Van Der Koelen. Collector, Davide Blei and gallery owner, Dorothea Van Der Koelen.

Galerie Dorothea Van Der Koelen. Artist, Lore Bert stands in front of her Fleur-de-lys, 2010 work made with hand folded and “crumpled” Japanese and Nepal paper.

Galerie Dorothea Van Der Koelen.  Lore Bert’s Pyramide, 2010, relief object with Japanese and Nepal paper. The blue design on the ball was inspired by gothic shapes found in glass in church windows.

Galleria Antonia Jannone. Gallery owner, Antonia Jannone stands in front of Velasco Vitali’s Pripjat painting.

Galleria Antonia Jannone. Velasco Vitali, Maunsell Army Sea Forts 1954, oil on canvas. One of twelve paintings by the artist that depicts phantom cities which have been built and then abandoned or never lived in.

 Valeriano Raspollini and Maria Cristina de Bragan├ža Berrocal.

 Watercolor artist, Fiona Corsini, artist, Patrizia Medail and Giorgiana Corsini.

 Ben Brown Fine Arts. New York based, collector and private art dealer, Marcello Bardi stands in front of a Candida Hoefer C-print photograph, Teatro Nacional de Sao Carlos Lisboa, 2005.

LipanjePuntin Arte Contemporanea. Gallery owner, Marco Puntin of the Trieste based, LipanjePuntin Arte Contemporanea gallery stands in front of Antonio Riello’s Today’s Special no. 4, 2004, Lambda print on aluminum.

photograph by manfredi bellati

LipanjePuntin Arte Contemporanea.  Albano Guatti, Fredderf, 1980-1992, embalmed animals, drawing on paper, stainless steel, iron and wood sculpture.

Studio Giangaleazzo Visconti. Gallery owner, Giangaleazzo Visconti di Modrone.

Collector, Francesco Carraro.

Galerie Patrice Trigano.  Halim Al-Karim, Hidden Love 1, 2009, Lambda print.

Photo & Contemporary. A photograph by Patrizia Guerresi Maimouna, better known as Maimouna only, the Italian born photographer, sculptress, and video-maker showed three gigantic photos at the Photo & Contemporary booth.

 Milan based gallery owner, Paola Colombari and photographer, Patrizia Guerresi Maimouna (see above).  Colombari wears a hat embellished with Swarovski crystals, a designer line of hats, called Art Thoughts, which she will be launching during Milan fashion week.

A Detail.  A detail of Paola Colombari’s rings made in gold, silver and marble by Fiammetta Viannelli.

Galeria Ferran Cano. Ferran Cano and sculpture, Jose Cobo. 

Galeria Ferran Cano.  Sculptures by Jose Cobo.

Ben Brown Fine Arts.   Nobuyoshi Araki, Bondages, 2008, Digital C-print on Fuji Crystal archive paper.

Galeria Ferran Cano.  Minnie Mouse sculpture by Samuel Salcedo.

Sperone Westwater. David Leiber director of Sperone Westwater gallery in New York.

Sperone Westwater.   Not Vital’s Audrey Hepburn, 2007, Bruce Nauman, 2007 and Arnold Schoenberg, 2007, silver boxes.  The heights and configuration of the boxes is determined by the date of birth of the subject.

Sperone Westwater. Evan Penny, Panagiota: Conversation #1, Variation 2, 2008, Silicone, pigment, hair, aluminium.

Sperone Westwater. Collector and jewelry designer, Sandra Blei and Sperone Westwater’s Tania Pistone.

 photograph by manfredi bellati

Bologna Fiera – Art Restaurant. The Art Restaurant in the Fiera was catered by the Cantina Bentivoglio, which offered a menu in the great Bolognese tradition.

Tortellini and Tortelloni.  Bologna is the city of Tortellini and Tortelloni. The tortelloni, tortellini and tagliatelli are made daily with a rolling pin by professional pasta makers of the Cantina Bentivoglio, who each year are awarded prizes in civic contests.

Marina Prada.

Wanda Galtrucco and Floriana Mentasti.

Lia Rumma.  In the Lia Rumma booth on the wall Joseph Kosuth’s Text for Nothing #21’, 2010, blacked out warm with neon sign and the carpet on the floor is by Marzia Migliora, Quando La Strada Guarda Il Cielo, 2010.

Lia Rumma.   Gallery owner, Lia Rumma juggles two galleries, one in Naples and the other in Milan.

Lia Rumma. Work of art by Ottonella Mocellin and Nicola Pellegrini, I want to cleanse my eyelids from history’s tragic glitter, 2005-2010.

Lia Rumma.  Artist, Nicola Pellegrini whose work is featured above.

Lia Rumma.  Milan gallery owner, Carla Pellegrini.

Galerie Jerome de Noirmont.  Jerome de Noirmont is photographed in front of a unique hand-painted photograph by Pierre & Gilles, Une Histoire de Plage, 2009, the model is Marie-France.

Galerie Jerome de Noirmont.  A series of works by McDermott & McGough, inkjet on paper.

Artists, Marco Mazzoni and New York based, Nicola Verlato.

Photology.  Photo gallery owner, Davide Faccioli stands in front of a Gianfranco Gorgoni, Jimi Hendrix, Woodstock, 1969, Lambda print on Dbond.

Photology. Photographer, Andrea Jemolo is photographed in front of one of his photos of the Maxxi Museum in Rome.

Galleria Fumagalli.   An installation in the Galleria Fumagalli booth by Chiara Lecca called Misses (Irene, Patrizia, Carlotta, Roberta, Fiorenza), 2010, metal, taxidermy, extensions and elastic.

Galleria Fumagalli.  A detail of the Chiara Lecca, Misses horses hair installation in the Galleria Fumagalli booth called Roberta.

Galleria Fumagalli.  “Fashionista shovels” to brace New York snow storms by Maurizio Bertinetti called, L’Empire des Lumieres, 2010, paint on metal, wood – detail.

Galleria Continua. Two of the three directors of the Galleria Continua of San Gimignano, Mario Cristiani and Maurizio Rigillo.  In the background a work by Pascale Marthine Tayou.

Galleria Continua. A collage by Pascale Marthine Tayou, Human Being @ Work, 2010, collage, metal frame.

Galleria Continua. Collectors, Paola and Marino Golinelli.

Galleria Continua. Phillips de Pury’s Laura Garbarino who is a specialist in contemporary art. Behind Laura a work made with 5666 wooden matches by Moataz Nasr called Oxymoron (green lion), 2011.

Galleria Continua. Sotheby’s director of modern and contemporary art, Stefano Moreni and art blogger and critic, Michela Moro.  You can follow Michela’s blog on Io Donna’s Leiweb.  They are standing in front of a work by Pascale Marthine Tayou, Tete de Billes 1, 2010.

Luigi Maramotti, Elena Radici, Ludovica Maramotti and Michela Maramotti.

 Galleria Paolo Curti/Annamaria Gambuzzi. Paolo Curti and Annamaria Gambuzzi directors of the Milanese Galleria Paolo Curti/Annamaria Gambuzzi. 

Galleria Paolo Curti/Annamaria Gambuzzi.   Archi-designer, Alessandro Mendini’s  Magico 3 cabinet.

Gaia Catelli Toninelli and Christie's Venice bureau chief, Bianca Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga.

ProjectB Contemporary Art.  Milan based gallery, Project B Contemporary Art had on show three pieces by Jake and Dinos Chapmans, above, The Old Black Eye no 4., 2010, fiberglass, steel and glass eyes.

Michael Hoppen.  
London based gallery owner, Michael Hoppen in front of two C type prints by Simon Norfolk.

Michael Hoppen.   C type print called, Large Hadron Collider 1 by Simon Norfolk.

“Streamline” designer, Massimo Iosa Ghini and his wife Milena.

Otto Zoo. Otto Zoo’s Francesca Guerrizio and Maurizio Azzali.

Otto Zoo.  Maria Morganti’s Diaries, Diari 2005-2009, oil on board, 10  x 100 cm each. The artist applies the color used on her own canvases to strips of wood measuring 10 x 100 cm, in a desire to keep an account of everything that happens in her studio. The result is a diary of colors rather than words, starting point of the whole project.

Art expert and historian, Peter Glidewell and entrepreneur, Marina Desserti.

Jewelry designer, Giancarlo Montebello.

photograph by manfredi bellati

Ca’ di Fra’.   At the Milanese gallery Ca’ di Fra’ Luigi Serafini’s Apollo vincitore sul serpente Pitone Cerasuolo, 2000, Lambda print on Cibachrome.

Guidi & MG Art.  In the Rome based Guidi & MG Art booth artist, Diego Esposito is photographed with his sculpture Dualitudine, 1989-93 in stainless steel, plexiglas and corten steel.

Guidi & MG Art.   Belgium artist, Jan van Oost who says ““Irony is the strategic finesse inherent in my works, the complex ambiguity between horror and seduction...”

Guidi & MG Art.  Salome, 1990 by Jan Van Oost.

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