Wednesday, November 10, 2010

MILANO: John Baldessari - The Giacometti Variations at Fondazione Prada

Milan: Fondazione Prada: John Baldessari’s The Giacometti Variations.   At the Fondazione Prada, The Giacometti Variations, is an original project by John Baldessari curated by Germano Celant and is on show until December 26th. The installation was conceived specifically for the exhibition spaces of the Fondazione and consists of nine sculptures made of resin and steel and sprayed with bronze, each 4.5 meters tall. Inspired by the imagery of the Swiss sculptor, the huge, oversized female figures take the slender, emaciated character of their bodies to an extreme: a vision of a monumental mannequin.  Arranged in a row between the space’s columns and under its arches, the figures, as a whole, in their stasis and linearity, recall a snapshot of a fashion show. Taking their cue from La Petite Danseuse De Quatorze Ans (1879-1881) by Edgar Degas, the original bronze of which featured a cloth bodice and a tutu of white tulle, every figure of “The Giacometti Variations” is dressed in garments and objects designed by Baldessari himself.

Photograph by Sidney B. Felsen
Courtesy of Fondazione Prada
“I always wanted to do tall paintings and sculptures.  I suspect it’s because I’m quite tall.” John Baldessari.

Patrizio Bertelli

Paris and Germano Celant, curator of the exhibition

Claudio Loria with Wait and See's...

Uberta Zambeletti

Marina Prada and Astrid Welter

Juanita Sabbadini and Laura Garbarino

Francesco Vezzoli

Claudio Guenzani and Marisa Lombardi

“ Giacometti figures are the most skinny and emaciated sculpture that exist.  Why not push that further?”

Brian Phillips and Verde Visconti

Elise and Simon Brasca

"Rock and Roll" guitar quilting on a bag designed by Elise Brasca for Gianlisa

Marta Citacov and Benedetta Pignatelli

Enrico Astori, Gabbriele Maria Gallo, Maria Mulas and Francesco Bolis

Carlo Tivioli and Mirella Haggiag

Barbara Radice, Stefano Boeri and Michela Sessa Raggi

 Nina Yashar and Giancarlo Montebello

Pas Leccese and Philomene Magers

Giordana Ravizza with baby Matilda and Renato Preti

“…Also there is currently a blurring of art and fashion. Furthermore it is au courant, almost de rigueur that fashion models be extremely tall and thin.
Why not fuse the two – art and fashion – since that idea is our zeitgeist?”
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