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VENICE: The Venice International Foundation

Photograph - © Claudio Franzini per Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia
Ca Rezzonico: The annual dinner for members of The Venice International Foundation.  The annual dinner for members of The Venice International Foundation was held at it’s headquarters in Ca Rezzonico, museum of eighteenth Century art on the Grand Canal.  The dinner was held in aid of the restoration project of the Teatro delle Feste stored in Palazzo Fortuny
A detail.  The model theater was conceived by the eclectic artist, Mariano Fortuny together with the poet, Gabriele D’Annunzio and the architect, Lucien Hesse.  The Venice International Foundation is a non profit organization which promotes cultural, as well as study, research and informational activities, with particular reference to the activities and initiatives of the Venetian Civic Museums.

The check # 1. A check for the restoration of the Teatro delle Feste was given to the director of the Fortuny Museum, Daniela Ferretti.

The Check # 2.   Another substantial check was given to the Mayor of Venice, Giorgio Orsoni, who is also the Procurator of the Basilica of Saint Mark’s, and therefore responsible for the protection, maintenance and repairs of the basilica, the bell tower and their pertinences, by Franca Coin, president of The Venice International Foundation. The check goes towards the restoration of the Cupola of the Creation an ongoing project dear to the hearts of the members of the foundation.

Photograph - © Archivio fotografico Procuratoria di San Marco, Venezia
A detail. A detail of the ceiling of The Cupola of Creation in the Basilica of Saint Mark’s.  The cupola is also known as the Cupola of Angels because in each of the seven segments winged figures are depicted. The Cupola of Creation is the work of Venetian artisans who learnt the art of mosaics from the Byzantines in the XIII Century. Legend has it, that Marco Polo used to go into Saint Mark’s and spend hours "reading" the stories told in the spectacular gold mosaics.

Seen at Ca Rezzonico.  One of the world's most respected antiques dealers, collectors and interior designers, Axel Vervoordt and his wife May.

Seen at Ca Rezzonico.  One of the operatic world's most visible directors, Robert Carsen.

Seen at Ca Rezzonico.  Giandomenico Romanelli, director of the Musei Civici Veneziani.

Seen at Ca Rezzonico – fashion # 1.    Italian journalist, Giancarlo Santalmassi was looking very elegant in his Chinese evening jacket and his Indian velvet slippers.

A detail.  The velvet Indian slippers are embroidered  with elephants in gold thread.

Seen at Ca Rezzonico – fashion # 2.  Fashionista and collector of designer clothes, Cecilia Matteucci Lavarini and one of Italy's great directors, Pier Luigi Pizzi.  Cecilia was wearing a vintage, 1980’s, Gianni Versace gown, bought at Sotheby’s which belonged to Jerry Hall, the necklace is an 18th Century Miniature painted on ivory, in the manner of Pietro Liberi.

The gala dinner # 1.  Elegant waiters in smart white crisp livery bring water up the grand staircase of Ca Rezzonico.

The gala dinner # 2.   The menu describes the event on its cover.

The gala dinner # 3.  The menu was inspired by traditional Venetian dishes, above the delicious Sarde in Saor or Sardines in sweet and sour sauce.

The special prize.  The Liceo Ginnasio Statale "Eugenio Montale" in San Donà di Piave, received The Venice International Foundation special prize for distinction in micro-financing, amongst it’s students, a piece of the gilded frame being restored by the foundation in Palazzo Ducale (see below) and for subscribing to the foundation itself.

Photograph - © Archivio fotografico Venice Foundation
The Gleam Team Project – the donors.  So that it does not deteriorate, the members of  The Venice Foundation are underwriting pieces of the gilded frame on the ceiling of Sala del Maggior Consiglio in the Doge’s Palace. Upon completion of the funding, the names of the donors will be printed for each adopted square meter on a plate bearing their names which  will be exhibited in Sala itself.
Donate. You too can donate for yourself, for a friend, in memory of a loved one, as an usual gift, for your pet (why not?) or anonymously, and contribute to the restoration. The name you have chosen will appear on the plate on completion of the project; contact: The Venice International Foundation  through their website or email:  Depending on the positioning of the name, the rates go from 200 to 400 Euros.
Contessanally tip:   Click on any photograph to enlarge it.

© Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia, Ufficio Tecnico

 Sala del Maggior Consiglio.  A photograph of the splendid Sala del Maggior Consiglio in the Doge’s Palace in Saint Mark’s Square.  The gilded framework is being restored with funds collected by The Venice International Foundation.

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