Thursday, June 17, 2010

ASOLO: The Asolo Antique Market book launch

The Asolo Antique Market, Vendors and Dealers, History by Giorgio Zanesco book Launch – The Venue:  Casa di Eleonora Duse.  Northwest of Venice in an enchanting hilly landscape, Asolo is one of the best-known and loveliest villages in Italy.  The fascination of the art, the magic of the landscape, the ideal of a perfect refuge for the body and the soul have attracted many famous personalities to Asolo; people who have loved the city and lived there, down the ages. First and foremost three women; the former queen of Cyrus, Caterina Cornaro, Eleonora Duse, star of the international theatre world came to rest in Asolo after the demands of the stage and chose to be buried there too and Freya Stark, explorer, author and photographer kept Asolo as her favorite destination when she came back from her journeys.  The ranks of artists and intellectuals who lived and were seduced by Asolo were also numerous, like; Robert Browning Gian Francesco Malipiero, Eugene Benson, Henry James, Carlo Scarpa, Marius Pictor, Filippo De Pisis, Igor Strawinsky, Ernest Hemingway...  Now privately owned, the former Casa di Eleonora Duse was the venue for the book launch of Giorgio Zanesco’s book, The Asolo Antique Market, Vendors and Dealers, History, published by Steepridge Publishing.

The Author.  Giorgio Zanesco is a well-known architect who dedicates his intellect and energy in protecting and conserving the environmental integrity of Asolo and in 1976 was one of the founders of its Antique Market.  This booklet, The Asolo Antique Market, Vendors and Dealers, History, which he has put together tells the story, in English and in Italian, about the main artisans or stall vendors of the manifestation, individuals from all classes, economic means and cultural backgrounds that put together the stalls painstakingly, on a monthly basis, with great care.

The Book.   The Asolo Antique Market, Vendors and Dealers, History, written by Giorgio Zanesco and published by Steepridge Publishing tells the story about the Asolo Antiques Market, held every second Sunday of the month, in and around the main square. For over twenty years, this has been a ritual event for all antiques lovers. More than one hundred exhibitors from all over Italy present some of the most interesting offerings from the antiques world: furniture, jewels, silverware, prints and books, modern antiques and collectable items in general. The book can be purchased at the Edicola di Via Regina Cornaro in Asolo or ordered from Steepridge Publishing:

The Catering. At the abundant buffet, catered by Santi Events, after the book launch I was rather amused by these ‘60s looking bubbles filled with a delicious exotic rice salad.
Note the ecological bamboo forks and the bamboo boat plates above, filled with mini Prosciutto and melone.
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