Monday, May 03, 2010

MILANO: Salone del Mobile 2010

The architects and designers. Swedish artist, Ari Marcus Koskinen and Mailiparmi’s creative director and CEO, Annalisa Paresi are photographed beside Koskinen’s Voyeur Lamp in the Maliparmi Boutique.  Showing design with fashion was part of initiative sponsored by the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, whereby, to boost and promote the Italian economy, boutiques showed design pieces in the windows of their Milan flagship stores.
Voyeur Lamp.  Ari Marcus Koskinen’s white wood and glass hanging lamp in the shape of rectangular cube was designed as a physical expression of the world of Malìparmi.

Seen at the Ari Marcus Koskinen / Maliparmi opening.  Cosmit’s Marva Griffin Wilshire.

Seen at the Ari Marcus Koskinen / Maliparmi opening – the P.R.s.  Missoni’s, Maddalena Aspes, FBR’s CEO, Francesca Ballini Richards and FBR’s account director, Francisca Pancera.
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