Thursday, May 06, 2010

MILAN: Salone del Mobile 2010 - Tom Dixon

Architects and Designers.  Tom Dixon.

Offcut Bench.  The Offcut Bench was designed and produced by Tom Dixon.   This bench is an evolution of the Offcut method of manufacture, first introduced by Tom Dixon with the Offcut Stool.  The bench like the stool before it is constructed from waste generated by standard methods of wooden furniture manufacture.   Its rounded top makes good use of these curved and irregular pieces of discarded wood (called waney edges), creating a new product from what was once considered rubbish.  Further design innovations include a method of construction that requires neither glue nor screws: it uses wooden pegs instead, enabling the bench to be pieced together quickly and easily.  The Offcut Bench is a flat-pack product making it easy to distribute, completing its credentials as an entirely functional and supremely utilitarian product.

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