Tuesday, May 18, 2010

LIVE FROM NEW YORK - The Rug Company

New York – May 17th – The Rug Company.  The founders of The Rug Company, Christopher and Suzanne Sharp, hosted a party in their renovated SoHo store. The British company founded in 1997 believes in making carpets that are beautiful, original and distinctive, that will become heirlooms to be cherished forever.  Amongst their designers, who merge the world of fashion and design are; Dame Vivienne Westwood with her blurred Union Jack design and Sir Paul Smith with his iconic multicolored stripes, as well as, Tom Dixon, Ron Arad, Marni, Lulu Guinness, Nicky Haslam and Nina Campbell.

The Rug Company – entrance # 1.  Entering The Rug Company store is more like entering a private house.  In the foreground the Funky Zebra carpet designed by Diane von Furstenberg, on the walls displayed patriotically, a black and white reproduction of a painting of Queen Elisabeth I.

The Rug Company – entrance # 2. 
Guests at The Rug Company’s party in their renovated SoHo store enjoyed looking at the books on display on the round table, which sits on the Bishop’s Cape carpet by Diane von Furstenberg.  On the walls two rugs designed by Suzanne Sharp, Sellarbrook Yellow and Key Turquoise.
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