Thursday, March 11, 2010

Milano: Luca Rossire - Vanitas exhibition

At Home restaurant the Vanitas exhibition.   Eclectic designer and winner of the prestigious design prize, Compasso D’Oro, Luca Rossire’s exhibition of outrageous hats at the Home restaurant was inspired during a party by Federico Fellini's film Giulietta degli Spiriti. The talented Swiss designer, interior decorator and trend forecaster, can turn any found object into a remarkable sculpture, set décor or interior design.
Luca Rossiere can be contacted at:
The Hats.   The exhibition of Luca Rossire’s hats at the Home restaurant (until march 24th) is called Vanitas.  Here objects found on trips; a doll, a plant fragment, an insect or a Venetian mask all inspired his extravagant imagination.  The hats are just the starting point of a possible collection that could be developed ad infinitum in boundless variations.

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