Thursday, March 11, 2010

Milano: Fornasetti and Bitossi - Variations on a Theme

Spazio Fornasetti – Variations on a Theme exhibition.  The large and heterogeneous family of Fornasetti vases by Bitossi Ceramiche are on show at the Spazio Fornasetti on the elegant Corso Matteotti (until April 3rd). All are offspring’s of Piero and Barnaba Fornasetti and born from the same idea: a chalk mould of a vase designed by Piero in the 50's, which never made it's way into production, and was later found in the cellar by his son Barnaba. This 'theme' has been used for the copious ‘Variations’, which appear to be endless in numbers.  There are subtle changes made to every single decoration or form, as if all the members of this family had a natural inclination to disguise an elegant veiled humour.

A detail. One of the surreal Fornasetti vases from the Variations on a Theme Collection for Bitossi Ceramiche.

The installation.  Some of the vases form part of the installation with the tailored-surrealist dresses designed by Liborio Capizzi reusing classic Fornasetti wallpapers, fabrics and ties.   Liborio Capizzi, a visionary artist and designer, was Gianfranco Ferrè’s right-hand man for sixteen years, as head designer for his women’s ready-to-wear collections.  His creative career has ranged from art to fashion and from music to theatre, crossing over quite distinct yet interrelated artistic fields that are bound by a sense of beauty and elegance.

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