Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Paris: Marche aux Puces - Marche vernaison


Marche aux Puces Vernaison – Janine Giovannoni.  At the Marche Vernaison, Janine Giovannoni is a favorite with the press and interior decorators, maybe it’s not only because she is such a lovely person but, also because her beautiful linens are priced very fairly. Here you can find in perfect conditon, antique fabrics, sheets, tablecloths, napkins worthy of the dowries of the 19th Century French bourgeoise, as well as, a few made to measure clothes and suits that might strike Janine’s fantasy.
Marche Vernaison, Puces de Saint-Oeun: aisle 3 and 7 stand 141. Tel +330607421451


A detail.  A pile of beautiful 19th century damask linen napkins with heavy embroidered initials, in perfect condition, sit on the table.
Note: I love the way that all Janine’s napkins are lovingly tied together with natural string.

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