Monday, February 08, 2010

Paris: Maison et Objet - Missoni Home

Seen at Maison et Objet – Missoni Home.  On the Missoni Home stand, its designer, Rosita Missoni receives the press. “To me,” Rosita explains, “the home range is not just a license but the Missoni style for the home, which has its roots in the Missoni tradition.  I’m still exactly the same Rosita who has simply shifted her love of fashion to focus on design and wants to imbue the home with the same values.   Now, more than ever, I cherish the emotions that spring from un-spoilt surroundings.  Spontaneity and nature give me great inspiration and should be protected.  The use of natural materials for even the most sophisticated weaves intrigues me.  My ‘Home’ is dominated by the most basic fiber, cotton.  Linen, too, is a constant presence."

The patterns # 1.  The essence of the garden is seen in flowers throughout the home.  Bouquets in a variegated confusion of daisies, freesias, anemones and forget-me-nots decorate chairs, beds and drapes.

The patterns # 2. Fabulous blooms intertwined or set between stripes and geometric motifs have a hypnotic allure and mood variations are defined by light and color mix.
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