Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Paris: the food - Ferdi

Paris: the food – Ferdi. On the trendy Rue Mont-Thabor is the fashionable restaurant Ferdi.   Ferdi takes its name from the owners, Alicia and Jacques Fontanier’s son, Ferdinand, because “He is our best creation”.   The menu which is an eclectic mix of Mexican, Spanish and American food is especially famous for its cheeseburgers, made with top cut sirloin steak and Cheshire cheese and is a favorite with Penelope Cruz.
Note:  The décor consists of Ferdinand’s old toy collections and photos.The bar counter holds a colorful vintage tin car collection.
Ferdi: 32 Rue Mont-Thabor – 75001 – tel: +33 01 42608252

The Food.  Besides the famous and delicious cheeseburgers, this baked potato was delicious.  The flesh of the cooked baked potato had been scooped out and mashed, then ham was incorporated and toped with cheese and grilled, it was served with crème fraiche and chives.
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