Saturday, February 06, 2010

Paris: Fashion - Yohji Yamamoto boutique

Paris: Yohji Yamamoto boutique. A detail of the window from the outside of the Yohji Yamamoto flagship store on the Rue Cambon designed by British architect, Sophie Hicks. “The store is a slightly hidden world; the views from the street are filtered with snow white Japanese Shojigami allowing just glimpses of the display of clothes inside. The Shojigami (shoji screen paper), folded into bird-like shapes and suspended in the windows, forms a giant translucent sculpture.” Hicks explains.

The window display.  Inside on the ground floor, a graphic display of clothes from the new Yohji Yamamoto collection, hung on white mannequins, appear to be floating in space in the huge white cube.  Resembling more an art gallery than a boutique, the vastness of the space and the parsimonious display of clothes are so luxurious and esthetically Japanese, right in the heart of Paris, that it is worth a visit.
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