Saturday, February 06, 2010

Paris: Fashion - Khadi and Co Emporium

Paris: Fashion – Khadi and Co Emporium.   In the Marais is a little boutique called Khadi and Co, which specializes in the most beautiful textiles, clothes and home wear designed by Danish designer, Bess Nielsen.   Renowned mostly for it’s range of scarves, which are spun and woven by hand, making them a true textile treat; light, warm, wearable and a treasure to own.  The name Khadi refers to a type of cotton (but can also be silk or wool) that is a traditional Indian cotton, locally harvested and handspun. It appears to have begun in 1918 and served as a symbol during India's struggle for independence, representing village industries and possibilities for the country. Ghandi himself is known for having promoted and worn the Khadi cotton. This has been the inspiration for Bees Nielsen.

A detail.  The Khadi and Co. paper carrier bag, designed by Bess Nielsen is hand-blocked and has cotton white and grey string handles and is absolutely beautiful.
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