Sunday, January 31, 2010

Paris: Maison et Objet - Visionnaire

Maison et Objet – Visionnaire.  Samuele Mazza the Visionnaire designer poses with the displays of busts of Roman Emperors outside the stand, this already gives us an indication of what we might find inside. “After the gothic phase, which surely represents most of the European stylistic contaminations, now we want to quote the other dominant parts of Europe: radiant, ethereal, classical: starting from the Hellenic influence and going on to the Roman Empire…. and, not only Caesars..” he explains.

Detail of a table. "Everything reminds us of the “Villa del Casale” in Sicily, a magnificent example of the house of the Roman Empire period. Plaster masterpieces, columns, metals, velvets, leathers, as well as, the whole set of objects and colors, are dedicated to a new chapter which I would title, using the “Star Wars” leitmotiv, “The Empire Strikes Again”. Samuele Mazza tells us.
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