Friday, October 09, 2009

MILANO FASHION: Where - When - Why - What - Who - Want ? ? ?

WHAT:    Shopping in Marrakech by Susan Simon - book
WHERE:  Armani Libri – Via Manzoni
WHEN:    During Fashion Week
WHY:      Seen in the Armani Libri bookstore, Shopping in Marrakech by Susan Simon with photos by Nally Bellati and published by The Little Bookroom looked good in among the other fashion and design books.
Note:         The Little Bookroom specializes in the most beautiful guidebooks, check out their website. 
WHO:       Word has it that soon  the cast of the new SEX And The City 2 movie will be filming a segment in Marrakech and they probably will be referring to the guidebook in their off-time from the set.

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