Friday, October 23, 2009

MILANO FASHION: Where - When - Why - What - Who - Want ? ? ?

WHAT:   Missoni show
WHERE: The cloisters of the Universita Statale
WHEN:    27th September
WHY:       Spring/Summer 2010 collection
WHERE: The courtyard of the Universita Statale had a giant plexiglass Missoni sign on the grass. On a truly beautiful and warm day, it was a pleasure to watch the show, al fresco, under the arches of the cloisters in such a beautiful setting.

RUNWAY MISSONI.   The finale of the beautiful 2010 Spring/Summer collection. The slim silhouettes are pure charm and poetry, swathed in light, air, the color of the sky, water, tangles of plants and trees, supple nets, love knots, mermaid scales, iridescent seashells, dewdrops quivering on leaves, and transparencies whose form and color allude to the happy, light, impalpable, contemporary, positive, contented and serene heart of Missoni’s Summer collection.

 BACKSTAGE MISSONI. Angela Missoni and super hairdresser, Paul Hanlon check the models before the show.

BACKSTAGE MISSONI – the make-up.   The make-up was created by Lucia Pieroni, using MAC cosmetics. Cultish team; Missoni goes to Ibiza, it is all about the mouth, day glow pale pink and super clear skin.
WHAT: Accessories. Whistles attached to friendship necklaces made of chains and colored ribbons are wrapped around the neck.

BACKSTAGE MISSONI – the hairstyle.  The hairstyle was created by super hairdresser, Paul Hanlon.  1950s masculine in front using men’s hair pomade and fish tail plaits at the back.

WHO:   French Vogue’s Carine Roitfeld and Max Mara’s Giorgio Guidotti.

WHO: Italian Vogue’s Anna Piaggi.

BACKSTAGE MISSONI. The seemingly simple construction accentuates the richness of the materials.  Loose meshes and embroidered origami with a three-dimensional weave, knots and openwork, lace, tulle and featherweight jersey are the mementos of Missoni’s sweeping imagination.   Super-slim forms that can be body-hugging or flowing – sensual, feminine, ruffled and draped – are often layered and veiled with sheer duster coats.
The it – bags. Long slim shoulder pouches, small woven baskets and knitted rucksacks.
The Sandals.  The thick-soled sandals raised on kitten heels and embellished with souvenir ankle bracelets.

WHO:  Rosita Missoni, who just opened the first Hotel Missoni in Edinburgh and her granddaughter, Margherita.

WHO: Luca and Judy Missoni.

WHAT: Missoni's creative director, Angela Missoni walks up the runway after the beautiful show in the cloisters of the Universita Statale.

WHAT:  Due to the heat of the day, luckily, Missoni water was on hand for everybody.

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