Monday, October 12, 2009

MILANO FASHION: Where - When - Why - What - Who - Want ? ? ?

WHAT:   Sportmax Show
WHERE: Milano Moda Donna
WHEN:   25th September
WHY:      Spring/Summer 2010 collection
BACKSTAGE: Models line up ready to walk down the runway. Inspired by a trunk out of which come romantic dresses, which rub shoulders with military jackets, trench style coats, bustiers and voile blouses.  Fashion as a contemporary privilege that looks back without a trace of nostalgia.

SPORTMAX BACKSTAGE – the make-up.  Created by Chanel’s global creative director of make-up, Peter Philips the make-up is young, sultry, sexy, and playful with focus on the eyes.

SPORTMAX BACKSTAGE:  Max Mara’s legendary, Laura Lusuardi and Chanel’s global creative director, Peter Philips.

SPORTMAX BACKSTAGE – the make-up.   Here is a glimpse of the colors for the Spring/Summer Chanel make-up 2010 collection, created by Peter Philips. For the show he used peachy blush and eye shadow and the new lipstick will be called Insousiant, which translates, as carefree.

 SPORTMAX BACKSTAGE: Two models relax after rehearsals and rest their feet from the high-heeled boots.

High canvas and leather boots/sandals reach up above the ankle.

SPORTMAX BACKSTAGE – the bag.    Canvas and leather knapsack looks chic and elegant with the military inspired clothes.

SPORTMAX BACKSTAGE: a cross of military, corsets and trench coat inspired clothes in cotton.  The military inspired more masculine pieces are given a more feminine eccentric touch.  The soft powder and wisteria shades blend with neutral colors to become designs to be combined with black and sherbet yellow.

SPORTMAX BACKSTAGE – the Press. Fashion editor of Il Giornale newspaper, Daniela Fedi.

SPORTMAX BACKSTAGE – a detail.   A detail of Daniela Fedi’s animal rings. The reindeer ring, designed by Maria Licci, is made from aluminum, it is “The perfect way to wear “horns”.” Daniela jokingly explains. The dachshund on a cushion ring represents Daniela’s dog Pardo, short for Leopardo.

SPORTMAX BACKSTAGE: Organza blouses are tucked away in pinstripe trousers, chain mail sweaters with eye and hook fastenings are reminiscent of  the underwear of old, flow over shorts.

SPORTMAX BACKSTAGE – a detail.   An old fashion inspired top, has tiny buttons down the back and is worn under a tulle t-shirt.

SPORTMAX RUNWAY:  After the successful show, Max Mara’s chairman, Luigi Maramotti prepares for an interview.

SPORTMAX BACKSTAGE: A saucy model flirts with the camera. She is wearing a dress inspired by underwear.
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