Friday, October 02, 2009


 LA GIUDECCA: Bauer Palladio Hotel and Spa.  Venice's newest all natural wellness spa and boutique hotel, The Bauer Palladio Hotel & Spa on Giudecca Island, continues the philosophical traditions of its past by redefining the ideals of grace, beauty and character. The original property, one of Andrea Palladio's famous Renaissance designs, was a sanctuary for unmarried women of virtue and style and represents a piece of Venetian history. Under the personal care of chairlady & CEO, Francesca Bortolotto Possati, the hotel has been carefully restored and updated to become a relaxing sojourn and spa without losing sight of its original identity. 
A detail: The grandiose space of the Great Hall has been transformed to a warm, welcoming respite to melt away the day. I love the bouquet of gigantic hydrangeas.

Bauer Palladio Hotel and Spa – the garden.  In Venice it is very special to have a garden.  In the garden patio cafe guests, in the summertime, can enjoy their meals, al fresco.

Bauer Palladio Hotel and Spa – the view. The SPA is a unique treatment space, with eight treatment rooms and a relaxation lounge framing the most exceptional view of the Lagoon and the shores of Venice... almost as if one is inside a perfect postcard.  Before you, the Salute Church, Punta della Dogana and Saint Mark’s Square.

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