Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Photograph and copyright by manfredi bellati
GIBRALTAR: The Place. Gibraltar is located at the entrance of the Mediterranean. Its strategic location and history have made it an international symbol of solidity and strength. Gibraltar has been a British Territory since 1704. Known colloquially as Gib or The Rock, it is an ex-patriots heaven, a mini old fashioned England, where everything from letterboxes, to cannons, lampposts to road-signs or restaurants evoke something British whether they be the royal insignia or coat of arms or the names of famous Englishmen like Sir Winston Churchill or Lord Nelson.

Photograph and copyright by manfredi bellati

The View. The view at night from The Rock Hotel, which is perched majestically above the city. The hotel was built in the elegant 1930's and it is an institution in Gibraltar. The spectacular views from our bedroom window is of the Bay of Gibraltar, the Spanish mainland and North Africa

The Food. Dinner at the Rock Hotel: part of a trio of mini desserts, this blackberry trifle was served in a small glass. The other two mini desserts were, strawberry mouse and crème brulee.

The Food. A Billboard for Lord Nelson restaurant. The restaurant was named "Lord Nelson" to commemorate England's most famous Admiral, one of the best-known military figures associated with the Rock. Gibraltar has strong connections with Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar, Nelson's body was brought there after the battle before returning to England for the last time.

The Coffee. I guess that in Gibraltar one should be having a cup of tea instead of a cappuccino topped with whipped cream and cocoa powder…ugh.

The People. British, entrepreneur, Rudy Reginiano takes the helm while Captain Mike Hudson looks on.
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