Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Design and Grappa - The Nonino Collection

Design and grappa – The Nonino Collection UE Grape Distillate Cru Monovitigno Picolit.
Collected by the likes of Marcello Mastroianni, Claudio Abbado and V.S. Naipaul, is the Nonino UE Grape Distillate Cru Monovitigno Picolit which each year comes in a limited edition, in a specially designed decanter. This years grappa is stored in a bottle designed by Luca Cendali and crafted in hand-blown glass by Venini in Murano, using the balloton technique, incorporating gold leaf. Named the The Athanor, the cosmic furnace – from A-thanatos-Immortal – custodian of the immortal flame which burned forever within it. The grappa’s visual sensation is crystal clear, with an intense and enchanting allure. The olfactory sensation is mouth-filling and exceptionally elegant, on the nose it is reminiscent of a honeycomb full of wild flower honey, the scent of acacia blossom and recently picked figs. The taste sensation is aristocratic and without equal, the palate clearly confirms the olfactory impression. Persistent. The Nonino Collection counts today 26 creations some pieces, have been sold at auction at Christie's in London and Finarte in Milan for record sums. It can be found in famous restaurants and wine shops in Italy and around the world.
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