Thursday, October 16, 2008

VENICE: Palzzo Grassi - Italics

VIDEO: VENICE - Palazzo Grassi - Italics. Francesco Vezzoli - An Embroidered Trilogy, video screening 12' Francesco Vezzoli defines himself as a “director-embroiderer” given that his art hinges on the relation between his two main interests: embroidery and cinema. For the artist, embroidery is the “private answer to the star system.” A personal refuge, it is also an activity, which, in contrast to the technological world of video and cinema, is intimately bound up with the worlds of the past and of femininity. An Embroidered trilogy – comprising Ok, the Praz is right, Il sogno di Venere and The End (Teleteatro) – immediately introduces the spectator into the complex imaginary world of the artist’s two obsessions, a world which hovers between dream and reality.

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