Friday, September 19, 2008


“OUTER SPACE” #2 - Uneternal City: Superstar project by MAD architectural Office (Beijing). Uneternal City is a specific section dedicated to the city of Rome. Thirty years after Rome Interrupted, Aaron Betsky asked twelve Italian and international design studios to re-imagine the city of Rome.
Superstar a Mobile China Town. China Towns are out of date. They are historical theme parks, struck in the corner of every city, the same the world over. They have nothing to do with China today, and even less to do with China tomorrow. Superstar is a China Town for the future. It is an explosion, a symbol, 1000 meters tall, hovering above the city. It is not limited to one time or place: it can travel around the world, following the fortunes of the ailing world economy. It is technological and natural, futuristic and human, all at the same time. It is a dream that’s home to 15000 people. It is impossible. It is going to happen. Superstar’s first destination will be the suburbs of Rome. This anonymous suburban sprawl will be transformed, exposed to the energy, vision and authentic community of the star. Superstar will provide a new future for the Eternal City.
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