Friday, September 19, 2008


THE AWARDS – Golden Lion for Best Installation project in the International Exhibition to Greg Lynn Form (U.S.A.) for Recycled Toy Furniture. Our world is plastic. It changes shape and takes on qualities seemingly at will. In a more direct manner, more and more of it consists of objects made out of various forms of plastic. Here the architect, Greg Lynn appropriates one of the most ubiquitous phenomena of our plastic environment: children’s toys. Fusing and molding them together like a new kind of brick, he uses them to create four prototype pieces of furniture: a low bench, a storage wall, a coat rack and a cylindrical shoe closet. In this manner, he is recycling what is usually thrown out as we grow up and change. In doing so, he discovered that he could make these mass produced objects into modular components while letting them retain their voluptuous and playful nature. In the accompanying film, he imagines that these joyful building blocks could create complete environments in which we could be both adults responsibly reusing and occupying our environment, and playful inhabitants of an always new world.
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