Friday, August 01, 2008

TUSCANY - Lucchesia: a painter and an art photographer

Tuscany: the farmhouse. This charming farmhouse, high up in the hills near Lucca is where the artists, Alyssia Lazin and Pavel Kapic spend the summer months of the year. They have been coming to Lucchesia from New York City for the past twenty-five years. Alyssia explains, “Both Pavel and I have a common passion for Italy. When the plane lands in Italy we know we have come “home”. We feel very comfortable here, we love the beautiful landscape. And, its such a great contrast to our lives, to live in the countryside of Lucca and the city life of Manhattan.”

Tuscany: The Olive Oil Urn. Alyssia discovered this gigantic terra cotta olive oil urn buried in the middle of the olive grove in their garden when she was planting a rosemary bush. It’s at least two hundred years old and was used to preserve olive oil.

Tuscany: the painter - Pavel Kapic. Pavel stands in his studio in front of a couple of his paintings. The gondola painting with San Giorgio in the background was painted from memory after a recent trip to Venice. Though the Prague born artist was trained as a statistical analyst, he has been painting for the past twenty-five years after a stint in sculpture working in marble. He has shown nationally and internationally and his next show, together with his wife Alyssia, will be on October 12th at Selby Botanical Gardens Museum of Botany and Art in Sarasota, Florida, U.S.A.

Tuscany: the color palette table – a detail. A detail of Pavel’s table where he stores and mixes all his paints. Having lived in both Prague and in Italy he is definitely influenced by color.

Tuscany: a window – a detail. This beautiful Czech designer glass bowl sits on one of the windowsills overlooking the olive grove. Alyssia and Pavel are passionate collectors of glass. Their favorite artist is one of the most prominent contemporary designers, Borek Sipek. Borek and Pavel showed together in an exhibiton in Prague a few years ago.

Tuscany: the art photographer - Alyssia Lazin. This beautiful, stylish and very talented art photographer and graphic designer used to be a photographic model. Not just a pretty face, Alyssia Lazin obtained her graphic design degree from Yale University. She is also a gifted interior decorator and helps friends and family with their homes. “I find that when you get a good training in one of the art disciplines, you can cross over into other related professions.” She told me. Alyssia will be having a show in the U.S.A. this fall, with her husband, Pavel Kapic at Selby Botanical Gardens Museum of Botany and Art in Sarasota, Florida, opening on October 12th.

Tuscany - a photograph. I took this photograph straight from Alyssia’s portfolio. It is the best selling photograph from her series, Abstractions and Reflections. Alyssia usually shows her photographs side by side in diptychs or triptychs.
Note: Alyssia prints on watercolor paper, it is integral to the image.

Tuscany: drinks – a detail. We went for drinks at Alyssia and Pavel’s charming farmhouse in the hillside near Lucca.
Note: the assortment of French and Italian cheeses, as well as, the quince paste. Tasty onions in vinegar. Taralluccis. The hand blown glasses were made by artisans in the Czech Republic, based on an old vessel design. And, last, but not least, this very beautiful “tea-cup” inspired olive holder designed by Borek Sipek, who the Kapic’s collect.
Contessanally tip: click on the photograph to get a better view.
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