Friday, August 22, 2008

Paris in August - La Grande Epicerie de Paris

La Grande Epicerie de Paris - pastries. La Grande Epicerie de Paris is situated inside the department store Le Bon Marche on the rive gauche. As a gourmet food hall it comes second only to Harrods in London, though somehow I prefer the atmosphere here. It is one of my very favorite stores in Paris and I often go there just to wander around and make my mouth water. Especially appealing are all the fresh food and take away counters. “There is nothing as good as the best.” is the motto of all the teams working at the great Parisian grocery store.
Note: this tower of delicious tarts is called 7eme Ciel or seventh heaven and is actually seven little individual pistachio and chocolate tarts.
La Grande Epicerie de Paris – salts. I have a thing about salts and collect different salts from all over the world. I love to put them along the table in little ceramic sake cups, which I buy at Pearl River in New York. Like a magnet I was attracted to the salt display and was pretty impressed, though the selection is more refined and recherch√© at Harvey Nichols in London, the choice here wasn’t bad.
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