Thursday, July 03, 2008

Milano: Men's S/S 2009 - GIANFRANCO FERRE

Gianfranco Ferre Men’s Spring/Summer 2009 Collection. I’m sure that architetto Gianfranco Ferre would have been very happy with this impressive architectural stage set. The simple yet modern design is the perfect stage for the Gianfranco Ferre Men’s Spring/Summer 2009 Collection.

Gianfranco Ferre Men’s Spring/Summer 2009 Collection. A Collection ranging beyond fashion to capture the confident ease of a man familiar with the language of style, who plays expertly with it’s endless variations and new codes. The collection is all about research and discovery, where luxury is firstly the luxury of knowing and understanding.

Seen at Gianfranco Ferre. e-look magazine’s editor and chief, Fabiana Giacomotti and Gianfranco Ferre’s glamorous CEO, Michela Piva. The neo magazine, e-look is the first free press magazine which is printed in 245.000 copies and is distributed in 2.280 selected points in northern Italy. The ladies magazine is also “double faced” on one side, national and urban news, turn it over for the fashion/beauty and lifestyle section which is also closely connected to their Internet website -

Gianfranco Ferre – a detail. Research is visible in the unusual new pinstripes. The jackets are cut smoothly, in natural sync with the body.

Seen at Gianfranco Ferre. Corriere della Sera’s Style Magazine editor in chief, Carlo Montanaro. Carlo appreciates fine workmanship. He has been having his jackets and suits made since he was five years old. “I remember my first Jacket which was made from a leftover piece of tweed from one of my father’s jackets.” He told me. Like grandfather and father, his five-year-old son Giorgio has just had a blazer custom made. He is certainly getting onto the right track.

Gianfranco Ferre – a detail. Gianfranco Ferre was famous for his white shirts and this men’s shirt is just detailed enough for it to be special and masculine at the same time.

Seen outside Gianfranco Ferre. The Satorialist, Scott Schuman looked nice and cool in his Bermudas in the 35-degree sweltering heat. To ‘formalize’ his outfit a cotton tartan navy jacket with a pocket hanky set off the tone.

Seen outside Gianfranco Ferre. A bicycle belonging to the Milan local police, which is going GREEN. Hats off to the Municipal Police, it is such a great initiative and good exercise too.
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