Thursday, May 29, 2008

Milano: The Horse exhibiton at J

The Horse exhibition at J. Piero Prinetti Castellletti jewelry boutique, J hosted the exhibition, The Horse. The very social Venetian and Milanese young Italian designers, took up the theme with aplomb. Photographed above, muralist and designer, Idarica Gazzoni stands by her Ghiaccio glass sculptures made in Murano.

A detail of the table setting. The centerpiece is a crystal ball with a horseshoe inside, made in Murano and designed by Idarica Gazzoni. In the foreground, Giberto Arrivabene’s wood and silver place mats and hand blown glasses grace the table.

The spouses. Bianca Arrivabene patiently hangs out, with Giangaleazzo Visconti while their respective spouse, present their new designs. They sit under a wall drawing by Idarica Gazzoni for J-Horse.
The interior decorators. Milanese top interior designers, Roberto Peregalli and Laura Rimini, came to check out the wares.

The Friends. Giberto Arrivabene and Marie Brandolini fool around with Gibi’s place mats. The extremely elegant mats are made in wood and have a silver ring around the border inscribed with Latin phrases. Marie, a successful designer for her company Laguna B, was in Milan to support her Venetian friends at their opening party.

A table setting. This romantic table setting is lit by candlelight, which makes the glass and silver glow to its best advantage. Osanna Visconti’s Spina silver cutlery rests on Giberto Arrivabene’s wood and silver place mats. The mats are inscribed with Latin phrases. Gibi, as his friends know him, also designed the glasses, which were hand-blown in Murano. Though it’s hard to see the white plates have a cream lucky horseshoe design in the center, designed by Idarica Gazzoni for J-Horse.

The Jewelry designer.
Jewelry designer, Osanna Visconti shows off her new collection of ‘"free form” bronze cutlery called “Spina".

The Lampshades. Paola Napoleone presents one of her beautiful sculptural lampshades. She is standing in front of a wall hanging called Palazzo The painted by Idarica Gazzoni for J-Horse.

The Host. Piero Prinetti Castelletti who owns and runs the J boutique in the charming old section of Milan, proudly shows off his gold dipped horse shoe. The elegant presse papier was especially conceived for the exhibition of young designers entitled the J-Horse.

Lucky horseshoes. Bang on the theme of the J-Horse these beautiful gold dipped presse papier horseshoes, designed especially for J.
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