Friday, April 25, 2008

Milan Furniture Fair - Zona Tortona

Jaime Haydon. One of the most up-and-coming designers in the world, Jaime Haydon continues his collaboration with Bisazza, still surprising us with his typically flamboyant, Mediterranean creative ability.

Jaime Haydon for Bisazza. Spanish designer, Jaime Haydon describes his Jet Set airplane for Bisazza “I like the idea of being able to create a fun, more sophisticated version of an object as serious and functional as an airplane. Set in a very glamorous hangar, this airplane is a light-hearted work with an unusual and enchanting look, complete with a glass cabin, leather wings and colored missiles and symbols alluding to love. Mosaic tiles in white gold and fiberglass make this aircraft luxurious and surreal.”

A detail. A detail of the circular lounge at the heart of the Jet Set aircraft; “Jet Set is a sitting room cum airplane: an objet d’art in an imaginary installation which displays the potential of Bisazza mosaic.” Haydon said.
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