Thursday, April 24, 2008

Milan Furniture Fair - centro

At Gaia & Gino – Grid. Jaime Haydon talks about his design and inspiration for the Grid Vases for Gaia & Gino “The Grid vase, was inspired by a combination of city influences. Since moving to London, I have been fascinated by British history and the strong medieval atmosphere when I walk through the streets. I became fascinated by tales of the knights templar and the Tudors and the endlessly rich history surrounding me. I came up with vases, inspired by suits of armor, helmets and fencing masks. My trip to Turkey was also relevant. I had visited the city and the beauty I had seen in Islamic arts and crafts was very inspirational. Strong yet fancy armor and the essence of these two cities are very much behind this set of vases."

At Gaia & Gino – Balance. Elle Décor’s Best Designer of the Year, Arik Levy, explains his Balance candle holder for Gaia & Gino, “Balance is both vase and candle holder: these hanging forms swing over the free arch. Creating its own dynamic in space juxtaposition light and flower reflecting the idea of suspension in time and space at every glance.”

A detail. Arik Levy’s upturned acid green collar reads: Dress for Beauty! The bespoke suit was made by Sieger Couture.

Gaia & Gino. Gaia & Gino’s glamorous entrepreneur, Gaye Cevikel chats with designer, Yves Behar. Gaye presented the new collection in the Paul Smith store. The line incorporates traditional forms and patterns into imaginative objects, designed by design luminaries. The choice of the designer is essential, as their language must be in line with the Turkish company’s identity: dynamic, organic, emotional, multi-disciplinary, and multi-cultural.
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