Friday, February 15, 2008

Milano: Book Launch - ECCENTRICI by Donatella Sartorio

Milano: Eccentrici book launch party. The Eccentrici book launch party was held in the suggestive courtyard of the Casa dei Atellani, in the center of Milan. Eccentrici, by Donatella Sartorio with photographs by Costantino Ruspoli is published by Luca Garavaglia for Excelsior 1881 and sponsored by The Centro Lino Italiano – Masters of Linen.
The Conference. On “stage” Donatella is surrounded by some of the eccentrics portrayed in her book. Next to her, Pasquale Di Donato looks on and journalist and writer, Giuseppe Scaraffia listens to the "King of Linen”, Vittorio Solbiati talk. Solbiati has been producing linen for four generations. In his extensive wardrobe he possesses at least thirty oversized linen jackets in different shades of white, ivory, beige and chalk. Standing next to him the beautiful journalist, Albertina Marzotto. Also in the photograph, 1980’s Giorgio Armani icon, now chef, Jill Haley and Angelo Bucarelli.
Note. E
ccentrici is written in Italian with a parallel text in English and look out for Contessanally also featured in the book.
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The Socialite. Allegra Bossi Pucci was listening attentively to the conference. She seemed enthralled by the theme.

The Sculpture.
Angelo Bucarelli is a multifaceted Roman artist, he now works mainly as a sculpture; all his pieces contain words or letters. I love his eclectic and eccentric mix of styles; they all work together.

Angelo Bucarelli’s elegant red devil slippers from Stubbs and Wotton

A double page spread.
This double page spread taken from the Book Eccentrici shows Jean Grimbert, who with his brother Michael is the co-owner of Arnys the Parisian temple of masculine elegance.
Contessanally tip: click on any photo to get a better view.

The inseparables.
Architect and interior designer, Piero Pinto and reknowned P.R. Beppe Modenese, take a good look and admire the book Eccentrici, written by Donatella Sartorio with photographs by Costantino Ruspoli, published by Luca Garavaglia for Excelsior 1881.

Four fascinating men.
Photographer, Giovanni Gastel, and his brother, film-director, Luchino Gastel hang out with Benedetto Borromeo and fashion designer, Alexander Julian.

The Photographer.
Writer and journalist, Delfina Rattazzi chat’s with the Eccentrici book photographer, Costantino Ruspoli. Costantino's work is always fresh and he is able to capture the mood and the personality of his subjects. He is described in the “Thanks To” page by Donatella Sartorio as “ The most eccentric of all the eccentrics.” and I tend to agree with her.

Two Eccentrics.
Photographer, Giovanni Gastel and designer, Stefano Ottina, two real life eccentrics, came to support Eccentrici author, Donatella Sartorio and the book's talented photographer, Costantino Ruspoli.

Two Eccentrici.
Pasquale Di Donato and Catherine Baba, both portrayed in the book, played the Eccentrics, dressed to the nines. Pasquale’s girlfriend named the Princess in the book says of him “ He is an architect, a cook, a painter, a plumber. Pasquale knows how to do everything – he solves every problem.” Catherine is a stylist for trendy fashion magazines and lives in Paris, her mantra is “J’adore” which she repeats frequently with a range of inflections.

The Dog.
Hoola-Hoola the miniature Schnauzer dog accompanied his Mummy, the television art anchor-woman, Michela Moro to the book launch. Michela is wearing a lilac and purple Missoni coat.

The Author.
The author of the book Eccentrici, Donatella Sartorio, takes a pause from signing copies to talk to Mariuccia Mandelli, better known as Krizia.

Seen in the drawing room.
Max Mara’s design director, Laura Lusuardi chat’s with photographer and lady of exotic and eccentric taste, Manuela Pavesi. Manuela is one of the twenty eccentrics published in the book. She is wearing one of Nicholas Ghesquire’s first outfits for Balenciaga. She states in the book “I have many faces and many layers; my aesthetic sense is in continual evolution. I love the past. I love the present, especially when modern things are “trash”.”

The Courtyard.
The courtyard of La Casa dei Atellani, in the center of Milan, was the venue for the launch of the book Eccentrici by Donatella Sartorio, published by Luca Garavaglia for Excelsior 1881. The plants, statues and light fixtures in the courtyard, were all draped in white linen. The Centro Lino Italiano – Masters of Linen, sponsored the book.
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