Friday, October 12, 2007


Thursday - New York Personalities #1 - Ron Suhanosky - Recipe testing. I was very privileged and honored to be invited for a working lunch to my cookbook author friend, Susan Simon's apartment while she was testing recipes with much lauded chef, Ron Suhanosky. Ron and his wife Colleen have two restaurants, one in Nantucket and one in New York, they are both called Sfoglia. The Suhanoskys love Italy and Italian cooking. Their first cookbook, tentatively called Sfoglia Pasta is being written with Susan Simon and will be published in the Fall of 2009 by John Wiley. The cookbook will have one hundred and fifty recipes of pasta, polenta and risotto dishes.

The finished dish. The Fusilli, Guanciale, Carrot, Vin Santo, Cream pasta is ready to be eaten. This is what the New York Times food critic, Frank Bruni has to say about the recipe ”A dish of pasta this fantastic, its sauce of cream and Vin Santo applied with restraint and leavened cunningly by shredded carrots convince a person that whatever path led him to it should be embraced more often.” I totally agree, it was delicious and I can’t wait for the book to come out so that I can make it myself.

The ingredients. The ingredients are very carefully weighted up, so that the recipes are precise and easy to follow. Pin It