Thursday, September 20, 2007

Venice - Palazzo Hopping

Palazzo Alvera. The last race of the Regata Storica is the most exciting gondolini race where multi colored gondolini boats speed by past thousands of spectators, crowded along the banks, or on floating stands, or on boats moored along the Grand Canal or even better, like us watching from the piano nobile of Palazzo Alvera.

The hostess and the bouquet. Countess Ketty Alvera hosted a gondolini cocktail and dinner party in Palazzo Alvera. The inspiration for the bouquet of flowers on the dinning room table came from the colors, orange and red, of the San Marco flag which hung outside the palazzo, see photo above. The attractive Contessa served a Venetian inspired menu cooked by herself with the help from her staff, like sarde in saor and risotto with zucchini and scampi.

The guests. Set and costume designer, Prince Fabrizio Caracciolo was talking to antique dealer and exhibition curator, Axel Vervoordt. Caracciolo designed the costumes for such films as Valmont, Amadeus and the mini series Noble House. His favorite director is Milos Forman. He loves India and as you can see in the photograph his clothes are Indian inspired. Vervoordt curated the fabulous exhibition at Palazzo Fortuny, until November 5th, called Artempo (see Contessanally Biennale blog, below). The exhibition, which is not to be missed, examines the relationship between art, time and the power of display, representing a breadth of cultures and periods.

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