Saturday, September 29, 2007

MILAN - RTW S/S 2008

Prada flagship store – Galleria. I hadn’t been to Milan for nearly three months so one of my first priorities was to see friends for coffee and catch up on what’s going on. After a first stop at Sissi, famous for its Sacher tortes, for an espresso with financial communication consultant, Giannino Malossi my second stop was in Corso Monforte for another coffee with Rita Airaghi. Rita was Gianfranco Ferre’s right-hand, she now works on the committee of the Poldi Pezzoli Musuem. And, the last caffeine fix of the morning was in the Galleria at the flagship Prada store, with Marina Prada. Marina, a very old friend oversees all the Prada stores in Milan. She was wearing Miu Miu.

Vip Coffee at Prada. For special customers, coffee is served in Royal Copenhagen porcelain white cups, with a tiny blue rim around them. The tiny, tiny cookies are especially made for Prada and, I must say are quite delicious, they melt in your mouth.

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