Wednesday, July 11, 2007

52nd Venice International Art Biennale

Friday 8th June – Arsenale: Italian Pavilion – Francesco Vezzoli - Democrazy. Ida Gianelli, the curator of the Italian Pavilion writes. “Vezzoli’s project conceived for the Italian Pavilion enlarges the analysis of contemporary system of communication to include the great spectacle of politics, and in particular the veritable construction of a character and a world view in the form of electoral propaganda. Entitled Democrazy, the video installation, draws on the forthcoming United States presidential elections for 2008. It presents two fictitious politicians, the result of collaboration between the artist and two important groups of ‘media advisors’, professional experts in American politics. The candidates, Patricia Hill and Patrick Hill, interpreted by famous personalities, true media stars, in a mere sixty seconds debate their different political visions and in doing so reveal how the strategies of communication deprive words of any real meaning and transform everything into a great media show.”

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