Saturday, May 19, 2007

VENICE - Palazzo Grassi

Seen at Sequence 1 Exhibition. American born artist, Frank West, lives and works in Vienna. He is one of the exhibition’s senior artists, he approaches sculpture in reaction to the Viennese Actionism and European post war abstraction. In addition to his “signature” papier-mache sculptures West is equally known for his furniture-pieces, which are intended to provide the public with a space to sit, contemplate, or simply lounge.

photograph courtesy Palazzo Grassi

Workingtable and Workbench, 2006 by Frank West. Frank West’s signature papier-mache sculptures are perched on bases, plinths or tables they marry anthropomorphic three-dimensional forms with colorful, gestural abstract painting.

Oasis, 2007 by Frank West. Especially conceived for Palazzo Grassi, this ensemble of seating sculptures, are positioned in one of the galleries over looking the Grand Canal. These interactive pieces, features furniture crafted from intricate lattice work and topped with air mattresses. The walls were especially painted by Tamuna Sirbiladze.

Seen at the Sequence 1 Exhibition. Georgian born Tamuna Sirbiladze lives between Vienna and Tbilisi. She was especially commissioned to paint this wall painting in the Oasis room facing the Grand Canal, transforming the white cube room into a more inviting space for visitors to linger.

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