Saturday, May 05, 2007

Salone del Mobile 2007

Zona Tortona. This was one of the most interesting spaces I saw. It was fascinating. And, it was real. In the laboratory, amongst all the machines and pieces of metal, Carlo Traviganti di Riccardo, displayed their designs during the Furniture Fair. They specialize in over the top custom orders for the Russian and Arab markets, like this gigantic samovar and trolley. Just press in the lid and tea sprouts from the teapot beak.

The craftsman. Riccardo Traviganti has been making beautiful metalwork in his laboratory in since 1956. He has passed his craftsmanship on to his son Carlo and his daughters also work in the company. It’s an Italian family business. Renowned for its creativity, as well as, quality Traviganti creates trays, coffee pots, teapots, tables using antique techniques of which the filigree is the most fascinating.

Cocktail cabinet. This unique gigantic green enamel egg called Oblo is inspired by Faberge and made for the Russian market. It is entirely worked by hand, has a plush red velvet interior and is 190 cm tall.

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