Thursday, May 03, 2007


Milan - Via della Spiga. The quintessential chic holiday resorts of the Isle of Capri – Queen of the Med. – and Sankt Moritz – Queen of the Alps – in a unique joint-venture have given birth to a new brand name, a symbol of the values they stand for: Le Due Regine. Le Due Regine, inspired Salernitano pasta maker, Antonio Amato to “Create a new line of exquisite foods, using ancient recipes, set down by generations of my family, to ensure that these products would reflect our love and commitment towards the traditions of pasta-making.

The Poster. The exhibition for Le Due Regine gourmet pasta launch was entitled Fashion Plays with Pasta. Twelve illustrations by talented, English graphic designer, Richard Gray graced the windows of twelve boutiques in Via della Spiga. Each illustration depicted a particular shape from the pasta + design collection. The gigantic drawings were styled by Anna Piaggi using cult objects from the boutiques participating in the project, which she glamorously brought to life with, tongue in cheek, references to Capri and Sankt Mortiz.

Seen at the Four Seasons Hotel. Legendary, Doppie Pagine Italian Vogue editor, Anna Piaggi was the visual mastermind behind the campaign launch of Le Due Regine gourmet pasta brand in Via della Spiga. She is wearing a Stephen Jones straw hat, note the Fusili pasta shapes in the band, a green marabu stole by Chrisitan Dior and a coat by Rifat Ozbek for Pollini.

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