Monday, March 19, 2007


Venezia. Vergombello is a small and exclusive jewelry shop that caters mostly to the Venetians. It is very difficult to find, and is tucked away in a series of small calle and campielli. When you finally “stumble” across it, you hardly recognize it as the window is in fact the work table where Roberto Vergombello and his daughter, Marta work the precious stones to create beautiful jewelry inspired by Venetian antique pieces, like these moretti or blackamoor brooches.

Note: the secret hidden compartment a la Lucrezia Borgia in the back of the blackamoor pin. Also, note the screws, each piece is never glued but, cleverly held together by a series of screws. The workmanship is superb.
Vergombello: San Marco 1565/a - Ramo Secondo Corte Contarina - tel: +39 041 5237821
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