Friday, March 23, 2007


Milano. In 1980, fourth generation jewellers, Filippo and Marco Villa, inherited the family tradition adopting the same sensibility and style that has made Villa a very special traditional jeweller. I was particularly attracted to the cuff links in the window of their Via Manzoni store. Filippo designs these, refreshing their image with a playful touch of anti-conformism. “Cuff links, sophisticated baubles in the universe of men's fashion, are the only accessory that permits a man to express his personality, albeit sometimes with a pinch of irony.” Filippo explains. Custom-made cuff links can be made to order from photographs of you own, dog, horse or pet.

Note: a drawing for the latest cuff links, a pair of hourglasses filed with diamond dust which runs for one minute. These were inspired by a friend of Filippo’s who is the president of the Italian hourglass society. To view the complete cuff link collection of 1.400 pieces, log on to

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