Friday, March 23, 2007


Milano. Nicknamed the “Iron Contessa”, Isabella del Bono designs mostly signet rings with engraved family coat of arms for the European nobility in iron. She is inspired by the grey heavy metal which goes back to the middle ages and evokes memories of knights in shinning armor. Her jewels are discreet and not flashy, they are very elegant, the simplicity and the dark color of the iron makes them understated chic status symbols for people in the know. This lively and eclectic woman is always on the go either covering a glamorous party in Gstaad, Cortina or Roma as a photo journalist for the gossips columns or in her role as jewelry designer for her custom-made coat of arms jewellery collection IdB.

Rings. Isabella is inspired by the middle ages and its knights. At that time, rings were made in iron and it was the first personal item on which to affix the family crest, more like a modern day business card. Isabella still makes them today in iron though she embellishes them with gold lining, precious or semi-precious stones and details like the faux galuchat surrounding the heart shaped aquamarine stone in the background.

Note: the simplicity and the understated elegance of these iron button inspired cuff links engraved with a Counts crown. Pin It