Sunday, March 04, 2007


THURSDAY – Emilio Pucci. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Emilio Pucci line and here are the beautiful, strong and aggressive clothes the Marchesa Cristina mentioned below. Though, Emilio Pucci’s designer, Matthew Williamson trained at Saint Martin’s School in prints, as you can see, he is equally good with plain colors. “I was inspired by the great stylish period of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s.” he explained.

Emilio Pucci’s daughter and the maison’s image director, Marchesa Laudomia Pucci chats with Princess Marina Pignatelli. Marina bought three Pucci outfits the day before and she told me that is all that she is talking with her to a trip to America. “They are great to mix and match. I have been wearing Pucci since I was seventeen, since I modeled a Pajama Palazzo collection in Capri for Emilio.”

Backstage: The Marchesa Cristina Pucci commented on the collection “Fashion has changed. You can tell that we are at the beginning of a new century. The collection is beautiful, aggressive and strong. It has a sense of humor, as well as, elegance.”

Note: the stones add glamour, glitter and detail to a Pucci print dress. Pin It