Friday, March 02, 2007


TUESDAY – The Ken Scott presentation. Seen at the Ken Scott presentation Joseph D’Souza. He was Ken Scott’s legendary assistant for eighteen years. Jo arrived in Italy from India in 1961 to attend the Koefia Academy in Rome, where he won the gold medal for best fashion designer. From there he did a short stint as an apprentice to the Sorelle Fontana before moving to Milan and Ken Scott. Jo is wearing a vintage shirt and tie bought in New York, tartan cotton trousers, designed by himself and a Tyrolean tweed vintage jacket. He now lives between Bombay and Como. He commented the collection, now designed by Antonio Ponte, as being “Modern for the times we are living in today.

The collection revives long-ago fabrics with special textural qualities. It dips into the Ken Scott archive to revisit floral prints, designs and colors. Reinventing and adding a modern edge to the nostalgia of prêt-a-porter elegance. Above, a classic handbag made in velvet logo jacquard.
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